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Oklahoma wind

“Oklahoma Wind” has to be one of my personal favorites.

The inspiration for Oklahoma Wind, I was driving through Nebraska and got caught in a massive storm. Lightning, rain, wind, and hail was just coming down. That whole storm is what triggered the idea for this song.

From the songwriting and vocal performance to the guitars and composition, this song was a blast doing.

I had the opportunity to play all of the guitars on this song. So I took my time to make sure that this song had just as much emotion in the sound of the guitars as the vocals.

From a songwriting standpoint, this was one of the first times that I understood about rewriting, reworking and really trying to place the words exactly where they need to be to create a great overall composition.

This song was not just throwing a song together and you get what you get, then move on… But Oklahoma Wind was one of my first real songwriting experiences where it was much more than that. 


Oklahoma wind

by Mike Rhodes | After All These Years

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Lyrics to Oklahoma Wind

Written by Mike Rhodes

Verse 1

I heard she finally found the man she loved and moved on down somewhere out in southern Oklahoma
A little place she settled on had a son and lost her mom back to college finally got her that diploma

Verse 2

At seventeen she was my world
Acity boy a country girl
Soft summer nights that we spent talkin’
A stormy night in late July
As lightnin’ tore that ragged sky
What she gave me can’t ever be forgotten

Ev’ry time I smell that summer rain
Just for a moment, she’s in my arms again


Oklahoma Wind
Carry her love to me again
Oklahoma Wind
I’ll love her ‘till the end

Verse 3

Graduation said goodbye stay in touch
We swore to try but the miles slipped away like a sunset burnin’
Years go by but time stands still
In my heart I always will be waitin’ on the chance she’ll be returnin’

Ev’ry time I smell that summer rain
Just for a moment, she’s in my arms again

© 2012, Mike Rhodes. All Rights Reserved.

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